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New trailer for RL24
Hi all,
I am looking to purchase a new trailer for my RL24. It currently sits on a very tired 'Felk' tilt trailer which is made to the original RL trailer specs detailed on this website.

The quotes I have received to build a replica of the current trailer are fairly pricey and i'm wondering if i'm better off buying a larger, cheaper, modern - mass produced trailer. I tow with a landcruiser, so weight is no issue.

Has anyone got a longer tandem trailer under their RL24? How does it peform?

Any trailer advice would be greatly appreciated.


Bernie Connor 14-Nov-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: New trailer for RL24
Bernie, you will probably get a greater response from this site.

Let people know where you are located.


Trailer sellers don't understand trailer yachts.

If you are in racing only, then you will probably get away with 1400 kg Aggregate Trailer Mass. If you carry cruising gear, you will probably need a single axle with 1600 kg Aggregate Trailer Mass.

Cheaper tandem trailers with slipper springs may not have the carrying capacity to carry your yacht inside their 1600 kg Aggregate Ttrailer Mass. The extra weight of the axle means they can't carry as much as a similarly rated single axle.

With modern regulations, most new trailers need longer frames to be legal in all States.

Manufacturers refuse to make tilt trailers because they don't need the extra complication. Tandem trailers with no tilt will need to sink the back axle.

Do you need a longer drawbar to get clearance from the back of your car?
greg 17-Nov-2018    Edit    Delete 
Re: New trailer for RL24
There is an rl24 advertised on this site for $3500 in Brisbane.

It is worth looking at its trailer which might suit your needs.
greg 4-Dec-2018    Edit    Delete 

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