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2020 RL24 Nationals
Congrats to all involved on a successful 2019 RL24 Nationals!
Can anyone confirm where the 2020 Nationals will be held?
Apologies if too soon to ask!
Bryan 14-Jan-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: 2020 RL24 Nationals
Brian, the 2020 Nationals are most likely going to be at Illawarra Yacht Club near Wollongong NSW from 5th to 10th Jan. will confirm this once itís locked in.
Darryn 16-Jan-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: 2020 RL24 Nationals
The 2020 Nats are now booked into Illawarra Yacht Club on Lake Illawarra Wollongong, NSW. Dates are 5th Jan - 9th Jan 2020. Plenty of on-site camping available.
Colin Boylan    Edit    Delete 

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