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RL28 leaking centreboard case
When the wind blows, over 15 knots, and heeled over, we take a considerable amount of water. Suspect slight crack in centrecase about halfway along.Opens up underload. Dry when boat moored. I have checked pivot bolt and resealed. Cut holes in floor in shower area and in saloon next to case. Water seeping from between underfloor ballast and hull.Getting sick of wet carpet. Before I start removing ballast from under floor and cutting into centreboard slot, has anyone any ideas? Thanks
Peter Briton-Jones 28-Jan-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 leaking centreboard case
I recently had wet floors and a bilge full of water and only after launching or retrieving. Its a long shot but check under the cockpit that the drains from the front of the cockpit to the back are intact and not leaking.One of the copper pipes glassed into the motor well wall on mine had corroded and fallen off. Only leaked when tail of the boat was deeper during launching. I could imagine it might do the same when heeling especially if it leaks more on one tack than the other. Water then runs forward and gets into the bilge. I was convinced of a center case leak but luckily found this before cutting the floor. Worth a look at least. Mark
Marcus Dedman 30-Jan-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 leaking centreboard case
Thanks for that suggestion.
I will check that out
Peter Briton-Jones 13-Feb-2019    Edit    Delete 

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