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Plug designs for RL24 motor well
My RL24 has a motor well - it nicely suits a 4HP motor - but putting in the two part plug when the motor is raised is such a pain that we often just don't bother.

What makes this two part plug particularly troublesome is that the plug must first pass thru the hole and then 'pop' in to place form the underside.

So I'm looking to change this set up to something much more practical and thought I'd see what you all do with yours. Photos would be appreciated.

richard    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plug designs for RL24 motor well
My Butt plug is a one piece with a long handle attached to the plug with a stainless tiller swivel fitting , the other end has a large rubber cap so you can jam the handle under the rear deck . Doeasn't jump out and the long handle makes it easy to insert .
Brent    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plug designs for RL24 motor well
Do you have any photos of the set up? I just bought an rl and it is one of the things that it doesnt have. Would like to make one.
Owen    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plug designs for RL24 motor well
As a cruising boat. (Been on trailer 17 years.. My not good).
Although the butt plug is hinged behind the iron sail, we can clear the leg of the outboard from being a drag. It was useful to have a quick drop and go rather than a very slight loss of hydraulic flow. Two fuel tanks in stern were always useful too. Although we rarely burnt more than half a tank over 2-4 week outings we caught a storm and fumed both that night.
If cruising, the wash from cockpit access to motor well makes easier than a lanyard and bucket over gunnel and rail depending upon conditions.
My mistake.. Trailer bearings failed 27 years ago. Hence outboard 30 years with age.
My condolences to the Legg family.. The RL24 is an awesome design. Loving the scrub of pans in a well.. Mate was scrubbing with about 14 foot of Bronze Whaler chasing the scent. (Backstairs passage; south Australia)
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