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Rl24 outboard
Hi everyone, what is the largest outboard motor that can fit in the RL24 WELL. THANKS
Omer    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rl24 outboard
Most popular is a 8hp for cruising but it is heavy if racing is your thing. Personally I prefer the extra power if I'm caught in a blow.
martyn    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rl24 outboard
Interesting...the RL 24 is a lovely wee boat...4 stroke engines are heavier than 2 stroke...perhaps it would be possible to have a larger hp 2 stroke...say 10 hp
Michael Kenneth Cowan    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rl24 outboard
Might have trouble getting it too fit! some people only run 3hp 2 stroke, I think 8 is more than adequate.
martyn    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rl24 outboard
We use a Mariner 8hp 2 stroke. Age approximately 20 years. Kicks up OK but can't shut the flap. Power to weight pretty good. Not a racer
Nathan Dennis    Edit    Delete 

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