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RL24 rigging
She needs rigging. She has 1 bent spreader. She needs a mast step. Adelaide. Preferably to complete prior to summer.
Running and standing.

If interested in a true story..
We launched on a sheet of glass. We set all sail. We chased wind. Morning.
By about 0100 hours the next morning the wind was well and true. Very consistent, not gusty. The tube with ball wind indicator which I believe to be 35knot was up and holding. Not gusty.
We were loaded with many days of food, the hatch was open but slid back, the skipper was on main with helm and me and a mate forward of traveller. I was struggling with the kite guy, the winch had simply refused to turn, we were maybe an inch of the forestay. We had been skiff a while, we had many small breaches, we were making lots of miles having been less than 1 knot the day before with no sail change. We had a port beam flooding current assisting our purchase.
The downhaul broke, the kite reestablished itself as a catch rather than a leading edge and took us over. The weight was too much to right, the sheet was too tight, a knife sliced the tension. The cabin was open but we did not flood.
We stashed the wet spinnaker below and continued with the Genoa and main. Pointing higher. We broached plenty with purchase removals due to breaking chop on swell. Finally iron sailing the remaining few miles into the Lee of port Vincent; saint Vincent gulf; south Australia.
The main has 2 reefing lines, the jib that remained dry this day/night has 1 reefing line.

I'm not understanding how to replace a rigging. Being simple. Any help regarding standing rigging; wires, spreaders, step, fasteners would be much appreciated.

'Henry D'
Swing keel.. Unsure of mk

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