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Towing an RL34
Hi looking for advice re towing an RL34. Can anyone give me some tips re the rules around minimum vehicle specifications?
Lincoln Pike    Edit    Delete 
Re: Towing an RL34
Forget it It was never designed as a trailerable yacht
Kevin troy    Edit    Delete 
Re: Towing an RL34
I towed an RL34 twice with a new Land Rover county 110 twice
After a $1200 brake build (1990) i decided when i moved it to pay the "Guy" at $500 a pop way cheaper!
I used to move my girl form Adelaide - Goolwa on a MacKat tria xle trailer (when Mackay were still great trailers NOT dodgy Dunbiers!)
Synopsys : pay a truckie to move it way cheaper but still effective!
Rob Robinson    Edit    Delete 

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