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Wind vane steering system for an RL28
I finally got around to building a wind vane steering system for my RL 28. 90% happy with but constant balancing of sails needed in gusty changeable conditions. I have put the details of the design in a video for anyone interested in building one themselves.


Mark Dedman    Edit    Delete 
Re: Wind vane steering system for an RL28
Brilliant bit of design and engineering, Mark. I never thought something so precise and complex could be home built. Good job.
One suggestion - half-raise the centreboard when on broad reach for better boat balance. It may help.
Keith Merkley    Edit    Delete 
Re: Wind vane steering system for an RL28
Thanks Keith. I tried raising it a little but I will try a bit more and see how it improves the balance on these points of sail. I appreciate the comments on the vane, its had a lot of tinkering and re welding of the vane head so the welds look very messy. If I can be bothered I will make a new vane head in this final configuration.
Mark Dedman    Edit    Delete 

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