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Beaching an RL28
Hi all. I have an RL 24 and really like beaching it on overnighters. No worrying about anchors and easy to board. Is the hull of the 28 flat enough and strong enough. My mate loves RL24s but thinks the RL28s sail like a bath tub. What are your thoughts?
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Re: Beaching an RL28
I too loved beaching my 24, it sat nice and flat and was comfy overnight. I have beached my 28 but with the skeg underneath its a little more difficult. I believe it was designed to be beached so no issues with construction. Some people use props to hold it flat, I rocked mine in on the sand but it takes about 45 mins on Straddie.
Cheers Martyn
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Re: Beaching an RL28
The RL24 sails like a dinghy and fast but not as stable, the RL28 sails like a yacht. In 20 knots of wind mine regularly sails at 6.5 knots and on flatter seas will reach 7.5 knots at times, so if it sails like a bath tub it a bathtub that can move. I'm still working on ways of beaching, going to try the larger round fenders pulled under the boat by ropes around mid boat on either side. These can be positioned before the water ebbs and hopefully will give enough to balance the boat. I too miss the ability of my last boat to just park in the shallows and have the tide go out leaving you with water front accommodation. Cant beat it. Cheers
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