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Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
Hi All,

This is my first post, having recently Bought an RL28 "QE3" in Lake Macquarie. So far I have been dedicating my time in getting her ready 'as I would like to' and haven't done much sailing on her. One of the destinations I would like to go would be Broughton Island, off the coast of Port Stephens. For this I have to cross the shoal bar at Nelson bay. I intend to motor my way out and back in. I have a 2014 9.9hp 4 stroke yamaha. My boat currently weight about 3ton laden.

I woulld like to know if anyone has experience in crossing bars in an RL28 and how it performs. Any extra tips on the Shoal bay bar is also extremely appreciated. I would be doing it single handed. Thanks a lot.
Felipe Oliveira    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
A good question Felipe...pity someone has not answered...this is a sleepy forum...it is good to talk to local sailors about local conditions...in this case crossing a bar...your boat seems very heavy 3 tons !...perhaps someone else could comment here...voce fale Portuguese...
Michael Kenneth Cowanm    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
Yes a good question, it might be worth trying the same question on the Rob Legg Yachts Facebook page .
Darryn    Edit    Delete 

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