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Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
Hi All,

This is my first post, having recently Bought an RL28 "QE3" in Lake Macquarie. So far I have been dedicating my time in getting her ready 'as I would like to' and haven't done much sailing on her. One of the destinations I would like to go would be Broughton Island, off the coast of Port Stephens. For this I have to cross the shoal bar at Nelson bay. I intend to motor my way out and back in. I have a 2014 9.9hp 4 stroke yamaha. My boat currently weight about 3ton laden.

I woulld like to know if anyone has experience in crossing bars in an RL28 and how it performs. Any extra tips on the Shoal bay bar is also extremely appreciated. I would be doing it single handed. Thanks a lot.
Felipe Oliveira    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
A good question Felipe...pity someone has not answered...this is a sleepy forum...it is good to talk to local sailors about local conditions...in this case crossing a bar...your boat seems very heavy 3 tons !...perhaps someone else could comment here...voce fale Portuguese...
Michael Kenneth Cowanm    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
Yes a good question, it might be worth trying the same question on the Rob Legg Yachts Facebook page .
Darryn    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
Thanks Michael and Darryn, 3ton laden is the towing weight. Just the figure that is printed in my mind. It should be 2.2 ton laden. I carry 200L of water and 50L of fuel, so it does get a bit heavier. I called Marine Rescue Port Stephens for a chat and they were pretty hopeless. They kept saying like a parrot "you are the skipper, you are responsible", but not giving me any actual answers to my questions on "how is usually the cross current on flood tide?" or "which wind direction give you the best conditions?", like I wasn't being responsible calling ahead to know the conditions. I don't know many local boaties who cross that bar to ask the question. What I intend to do is to to wait for winds under 10 knots, flood tide and have a drogue ready if needed. But yet, any advice is super helfull. Thanks guys for reaching out.
Felipe Oliveira    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
Hi Michael, Yes, Portuguese is my first language. Happy to chat in portuguese if you like.
Felipe Oliveira    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
I would give Marine Rescue Port Stephens another call...quite possible you got some unhelpful grumpy bastard on the day you called...these coast guards are usually very helpful...chances are if you rang again...you would get someone more helpful...we have our RL 28 at Tin Can Bay...and when we sail up to Fraser Island...my wife is fearful of us getting sucked in and across the dreaded Wide Bay Bar...by accident...!!!...my Portuguese at the moment is somewhat 'rusty' but my wife Ilana was brought up in Brazil and is fluent in the language...look us up if you are ever up this way...Cheers...Michael
Michael Kenneth Cowan    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bar Crossing on an RL28 (Port Stephens)
Hi Felipe. I hope you are well. I have been out these heads a only a few occasions, generally they are pretty tame as far as bar crossings go. Shoal Bay can get quite a fetch going with an onshore breeze against tide. You can get a fair swell in the heads but generally it is fairly well behaved but the swell builds up and becomes quite short & sharp as the fetch increases up the river.
Where were you thinking of launching ? The ramp at Soldiers Point is good.
If you are motoring a day with less breeze and a gentler swell would be more comfortable but I think the boat is quite capable of the journey. Just be prepared to abandon the trip, as always, if necessary but don't worry, Port Stephens is a terrific waterway, plenty of great spots to explore or stay.
PS. Upon reflection I suspect you would be about 2 ton on the water.
Robin Quirk    Edit    Delete 

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