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rl 28 rigging for mast head conversion.
I have converted my rl28 to a modest mast head configuration hoping the diamond top rigging would be sufficient to support the larger head sail. I love the way the boat goes and handles with the larger sail but in 20+ knots with the full head sail out the top part of the mast bends uncomfortably sideways under the mast head loads despite the diamond rigging at the top half of the mast. The spreaders on this are angled forward and so don't properly brace against the loads of the mast head head sail load.
I know a few of you have made mast head conversions to your RL28's. I am hoping some might share the changes made to you rigging to support the conversion and how well they supported the mast. Any advice would be truly appreciated.
Cheers Mark
Marcus Dedman    Edit    Delete 

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