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American RL24 pivoting rudder
We recently bought an RL24 and as you can see in the attached photo there are three bolt holes that are used to affix the rudder to the stainless rudder frame. In the photo I have removed two of the bolts so that the rudder can pivot upwards. Was it designed to do this? I believe so because near the tiller on the stainless frame are two jam cleats that I suspect are intended to hold the rudder raise and lower lines. I would like to convert this rudder back to the pivoting style. Can anyone show me a photo of a pivoting rudder so I can see where/how the raise/lower lines are routed and affixed to the rudder?
Ernie M    Edit    Delete 
Re: American RL24 pivoting rudder
Sorry, my American RL24 rudder and rudder stock looks nothing like that. I'm starting to think my rudder and stock is a one-off replacement. There was a guy Jeff a year or two ago here in the U.S. that was asking for my rudder and tiller set up and looked like he was well along to getting his on the water. His rudder and stock looked like yours if I remember correctly. Hopefully he will chime in. The only contribution I can make is to make sure whatever holes are there aren't letting water into the rudder core.
Joe Eckenrode    Edit    Delete 
Re: American RL24 pivoting rudder
Thanks joe, I will make sure any new holes are sealed up tight.
Hopefully I will get a response from someone with this style rudder!
Ernie    Edit    Delete 
Re: American RL24 pivoting rudder
Hi Ernie,
While your rudder is not identical to the Aussie model, it is very similar...and the RL24 rudder is definitely intended to pivot up.
I have attached a photo of my rudder on #407. You can see the rope that lifts the rudder on top of the rudder. There is a matching rope on the bottom that, when pulled, lowers the rudder. The boat in this shot is a factory MK4 so I think, a good example to follow. Happy to provide more photos if you email me at martinoshannessy@outlook.com. Kind regards. Martin
Martin O'Shannessy    Edit    Delete 

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