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Brand New Rating System
So, Australian Sailing has implemented a new measurement system for trailerable yachts.
Most yachts that have a new rating (not many yet) have a marginally higher one, i.e. Castle 650 from 725 to 736, Nx25 from 725 to 731.
The RL24 DK has stayed at 769, but the SK has jumped to a whopping 762 and they've added a new RL24 H .... heavier (min 900kg) cruising category.
I did used to think that the old 41 base points difference between DK and SK was a lot, but my question to you guys that race a lot against each other, such as in the nationals is :-
Was the old margin fairly close to the mark, and what do you think of the margin only being 7 base points now ... will the Nats be fair if you adopt that?
Also do the DKs point noticeably better? I would imagine all that sloshing and drag from that big slot in the SKs would have to affect both speed and pointing more than the 7 points difference on offer

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Re: Brand New Rating System
This is where to find the new ratings list: https://www.sailingresources.org.au/cbh-rating/
It bases the difference on the different keels but also on differences in main luff and forestay height between DK and SK.
Are there such differences?
I'm sailing a DK and would feel fairly advantaged against the SK and disadvantaged against some other trailer sailers in mixed class fleets with that new rating.
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Re: Brand New Rating System
No, Petra, those differences don't exist. They've also listed the mainsail foot as different. And they've stated that the info is from class inputs, and that it's complete and accurate data .... I don't see how that's possible
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Re: Brand New Rating System
Hi Peter, a number of things come into play here.
1. The old system had been performance adjusted many times over the years as the performance of boats improved, this was mainly the DK's performance until recent years.
2. We have questioned AS regarding the differences in the sail measurements (watch this space) as they should all be the same, not that they are set in concrete on an RL anyway as it's not a part of our class rules.
3. Under class rules the only difference between SK & DK is the keel configuration and the restrictions on the SK case.
4. The RL24 Class Rules are considered as a box rule type system for rig setup, AS have taken this into account and understand that the main factor is the total working sail area of 20Sqm, not necessarily a hard and fast foot and luff measurement. We are yet to see this attached to the rating in B&W but have letters stating this.
5. The association provided the measurement of the 2xSK & 2xDK top preforming boats at the Nationals over the last 2 years as requested by AS. This will be where the different measurement came from, but again not a part of the class rules.
6. The RL24H was introduced to help the boats that have ended up being heavy, whether due to carrying cruising gear or being one of the heavier builds, ie. MKIII's
7. At Nationals we don't use CBH ratings as the SK's & DK's are considered by the association as 2 seperate classes.
8. The new system is completely measurement based calculations and the only difference is the Keel Factor, I'm not convinced but this should allow for the slot, lack of foil shape and length?
9. The new system is still a work in progress and a bit hard to use just yet as there are still a lot of classes to receive their new rating, this requires input from each class.
10. I agree with you that the new 7 points seems a bit close now and the old system probably pretty generous for the swings.
11. The association have provided our class rules and all measurements that AS have asked for but we are still in communications with them regarding fine tuning the new system.
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