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Kimberley Adventure in an RL28
Just come back from a 2500km trip sailing the Kimberley Coast from Derby in WA to Darwin. Videos of the trip are being edited with the first 2 complete for anyone interested in the area or doing a similar trip. Videos on my Sailing Youtube Channel
Amazing trip with big tides and crocodiles but stunning locations. My Rl28 took it all in her stride without a hitch. Cheers Mark
Mark Dedman    Edit    Delete 
Re: Kimberley Adventure in an RL28
I very much enjoy these videos, I’m in awe of the confidence and courage required to undertake such a trip. I have also been watching a similar series of UTubes called Free Range Sailing which I can also highly recommend.
I was disgusted by the monopolisation of geological features like the ‘Horizontal Waterfalls’ by commercial operators. I have seen other examples of this elsewhere.
I look forward to the next instalment.
Alan Lindsay    Edit    Delete 

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