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G day,I have just bought an RL24 which looks like a sound boat with a previous owner having started stripping fittings for a paint job which I will plan to complete and enjoy my 2nd zRL24 affair,my first being the in Cairns in the 80s.She was The Bucaneer,an orange hull mark one I think it was on reflection.She had a proud racing history .And now all these years later I have taken command of another a mark 3 1981 I believe. A loss of the sliding hatch while bringing her home from Townsville to Cairns.Discovered gone by rollingstone.There is no name and that elderly pre owner wasn't sure on history as he had acquired it in the basic plain white coat of paint.Any tips on replacing hatch would be appreciated and any enlightening on its history also.After I complete the painting then reassembling of hardware is going to be taxing so a peep at someone's RL24 would be helpful in the Cairns to Townsville region

Warren William Ellis.    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24
For the front hatch cover, I would suggest buying a sheet of 1/4 plexiglass and then bending it. You can heat it with a paint stripper gun. Sandwich one end between tow pieces of wood. Heat up where you want it to bend and then use another piece of wood to push down on it and bend it. If you get it wrong, you can always reheat is and correct it. I've bent many complex shapes this way and have found it very easy to get what I wanted. I would probably try to find a tinted piece for style and reduced sun intrusion. You will probably like having a window you can see through facing forward anyway.
Daveinet    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Front Hatch
Great idea, Daveinet! I've had lots of queries about the availability of these hatches after they have been lost and this seems like a really good solution.
I have added this to the Tips and Modifications Page, and if anyone makes one, please send me some photos so I can add them.
Keith Merkley    Edit    Delete 

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