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Replying to:Cockpit Roof / Spray Dodger ??
I am considering building a solar panel rack that will hold 2 x 40 watt panels permanently above the cockpit , about 1100mm long aft of the boom to the rear of cockpit seats. This will provide shade and a base for tarps when anchored. If I make it 1100mm high above the coaming, I will be able to stand fully upright in the cockpit still (Yes Really !! as I am a whopping 5'1") I dont race, only cruise. Would this be a danger due to windage? Advantages I see, compared to having mounted over the stern, is: 1) having the weight closer to centre. 2) permanent shade. 3) hooking a tarp from it forward to a spray dodger. when at anchor 4) Still able to stand on deck either side of the motor well when boarding, disembarking and throwing the stern anchor out. Main concern is if it may be very unsafe in adverse conditions that are generally encountered when cruising the coast? Also considering a permanent spray dodger? Sorry if this seems totally illogical, but my logic was thinking that when faced with making way in adverse conditions, this is the time to be as out of the elements as possible to avoid fatigue in rough, cold, wet & windy conditions, and out of the sun in thr hot tropical sun ??? Any advice appreciated, Andy.