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Replying to:Surf to City: RL Sunk
Does anyone have the full story about what happened to GoForIt? Was it recovered? Did it have sufficient buoyancy? The reason that I am asking is that I am considered about what would happen if my RL was swamped. Turning this thread into a constructive thread, does anyone have any advice on adding additional bouyancy to a RL? I am considering filling under the whole void under the cockpit and the infront of the V-berth with styrofoam (closed cell). I will be leaving a gap beneath the foam for drainage. The idea being that the foam cant absorb any water that might be sitting in the bottom. (FYI: Most pootoons are made from stryofoam encased in reinforced concrete) My primary concern is the stability of the boat (when swamped) as most of the floation will be very low which might make a capize recovery very hard....