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Replying to:Reconditioning a Volvo Penta inboard diesel (as used in most RL28's)
Hi Guys. As a lot of people still have the diesel inboard motor in their RL28's, and a large number of them are Volvo Penta 10hp motors, I thought I would cover the reconditioning of my engine so that people can get an idea of what is involved and what the rough cost would be. BACKGROUND: My poor RL28 "Sandpiper" was left at anchor for over 12 months due to my work committments. On my return I ventured out to my yacht and attempted to start it. While the engine turned over fine, it just would not start. The yacht then sat for another 9 months, again due to my work commitments, but this time on my return the motor would not turn over at all. It was locked up internally, as if it had seized up. The yacht was retrieved from the water, along with half the barnacle population known to man, and taken home for some serious maintenance. Long story short, the motor would not budge and, when removed from the boat and stripped down, it was revealed that the exhaust valve had remained open, allowing salt air into the engine cylinder, causing the rings to corrode and attach themselves firmly to the bore. We eventually got the piston free and removed it from the Cylinder block. The rings were absolutely shot but the piston cleaned up like a new one (which surprised me!!) The bore was also still in good shape and a small amount of honing brought it back to reasonable condition. I contemplated either repairing the Volvo Penta or converting to an outboard. After long deliberation I decided to stick with the very reliable and economical Volvo Penta Diesel. The following entries will be written as things are done and purchased so that you can get a rough idea of the cost's involved. Keep in mind though that we (myself and 2 knowledgeable friends) are doing most of the work ourselves.