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Happy sailingRob Legg21-May-2003

Rotating Mast - Control Device?Terry Stannus18-May-2003
      Control of mast rotationRob Legg19-May-2003
      Control of mast rotation Terry Stannus19-May-2003
      Control of Rotating MastDamien O'Grady21-May-2003
      Control of Rotating Mast Terry Stannus21-May-2003
      Geriatric MastDamien O'Grady4-Jun-2003

LED lightingGreg16-May-2003
      led lightsMike18-May-2003
      led lightsmichael18-Jun-2003

Rotating Mast - Shroud ConnectionsDamien O'Grady14-May-2003
      mast rotationgerinomo14-May-2003
      Mast rotationRob Legg15-May-2003
      Mast RotationDamien O'Grady17-May-2003

Bay to Bay RL resultsMike Hart14-May-2003
      Bay to Bay ResultsPhil Macqueen12-Jun-2003

RL24Martin Stewart13-May-2003
      RL24 height on trailerGreg13-May-2003

outboards for the well on RL24sgreg7-May-2003
      New outboards for RL24Greg28-May-2003
      Outboards for RL24 WellJohn Whitelaw1-Aug-2003

Bay to BayMike Hart6-May-2003
      bay to baykevin troy6-May-2003
      Bay to bay raceRob Legg7-May-2003
      RL24 NationalsTrevor Jones7-May-2003
      Bay to Bay (and a question on outboards)Ben Skennerton7-May-2003
      bay to bay replyMike8-May-2003
      outboardsRay Earley9-May-2003

Wheather Helm correction on RL 28Steve Illa5-May-2003
      Weather helm.Rob Legg5-May-2003

No longer the bossRob Legg30-Apr-2003
      Advicegreg rusha30-Apr-2003

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