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Repairs Advice
One of the previous owners of my RL had installed to large deep cell batteries in the very back storage compartment. (ie: not under the cockpit seats) The batteries were also secured in a way that made it impossible to check for water and drain it out.

Anyway, I pulled the batteries out last weekend and got quite a surprize. It was quite clear the there has been water sitting in this compartment for quite a while as there was alot of rotten wood. Most of it was clearly 'newly' (last 5 year) installed and was just in there to support the batteries so I have just ripped out and thrown away all that wood. The issue is that I have there was a rotten piece of ply that I think might be a structural bulkhead. (Refer to attached photo)

There has clearly been alot of modifications to the boat over the years, and the main question that I have is; does anyone have any advise as to whether this is an original structural bulkhead, or is it a modification that someone has done over the years? Other photos, or plans would be VERY helpful.
Andrew Turnbull 6-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Repairs Advice
Andrew, its not clear what model yacht you are talking about and I assume the photo is of the rear well which is normally the engine well on an RL24.

The rotten ply appears to be in the stern which if so is probably stuctural supporting the rudder.

To get better answers you need to provide more information.
Greg 6-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Repairs Advice
Sorry, the boat is a Mark 2. The red line on this image shows the location of the rotten plywood. The photo is looking forward.
Andrew 6-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Repairs Advice
It is structural and supports the outboard bulkhead.

The Mk4 have an engine mount about 50mm further forward into the cockpit which provides enough room for a 5hp Mariner to tilt inside the well.

If you have the outboard over the stern then the engine mount in the well is no big issue. If you have the engine in the well then rebuilding the bulkhead is a job to do.

Its hard to understand why someone put heavy items like batteries in the stern, its not good for sailing efficiency.
Greg 6-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Repairs Advice
The outboard motor is on the stern, so that is why I am questioning whether it is structural.

Was wood actually included in the original design?

Thanks for your help
Andrew 7-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: Repairs Advice

I sail on "Chill Ouat" a Mk 2 and I've spent a lot of time re-building the back of her. I'm also a shipwright so send me your contact details so I can call you and I'll talk you thought the repairs.
David Pullin 7-Jun-2011    Edit    Delete 

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