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Rl24 cracking around swing keel case
Hey, i recently bought an RL24 mk3 I believe, the one with a swing keel. I have noticed some cracking running along either side of the box that holds the swing keel on the floor inside the boat. There is no water leaking in or anything but obviously this is pretty worrying. Is there any way of strengthening this area up from inside the boat, like adding more fibreglass. Any advice is much appreciated. The cracks run along the floor about 70mm out from the wall of the keel box about two thirds of the length of the box. I'm worried a good jolt will have the whole thing crack off and sink the boat. Everything seems to be solid at the moment. Thanks for your time
Trent shaddock 5-Nov-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rl24 cracking around swing keel case
It seems as though there has been some work done on the inner floor of the boat and the crack you see may only be where a new section has been butted up against the origonal piece that was left against the keel case ,and being 70mm out from the case side it is about the distance out that a power saw would cut. If this is so, then there is no structual problem as the keel case is not dependant on any support from the false floor and would only need to be sealed off with some glass tape, but, be sure to sand back thoroughly first.

A photograph is always a help in describing a problem like this.

Rob Legg 5-Nov-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rl24 cracking around swing keel case
Thanks rob, that is very comforting. I will get a photo up on here in the next few days. I,d like to say that this forum gave me a big push into buying an rl. Its fantastic to know that you take the time to help people out with their queries. Thanks alot. I will get a photo up asap. It looks like the original floor to me so I'll be interested to know what you think and if there may be a deeper issue. Thanks again trent
trent 13-Nov-2012    Edit    Delete 
Re: Rl24 cracking around swing keel case
Ihave an RL 24 on a hard stand and have a question re keel movement ...It was Trents old d boat and is in good shape .. how ever I was wondering how much slap/movement side to side is considered OK before I pull out the keel and re machine the pivot hole/bolt?? Is the keel supported by the floor or the pivot point?
Andrew Szery 9-Dec-2013    Edit    Delete 

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