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      Re: RL28 MAINSAILRob Legg25-Mar-2016
      Re: RL28 MAINSAILRob Legg1-Apr-2016

Bay To Bay Race 2016Darryn22-Mar-2016
      Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016Brent Craig26-Mar-2016
      Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016Andrew26-Mar-2016
      Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016Mike6-Apr-2016
      Re: Bay To Bay Race 2016Brent Craig23-Apr-2016

Does anyone know how much an RL28 mast weighs?Garry Beattie15-Mar-2016
      Re: Does anyone know how much an RL28 mast weighs?Rob Legg18-Mar-2016
      Re: Does anyone know how much an RL28 mast weighs?Garry Beattie18-Mar-2016

RL24 IntrigueMatt28-Feb-2016
      Re: RL24 IntrigueJames Shannon3-Mar-2016
      Re: RL24 IntrigueMatt15-Mar-2016
      Re: RL24 IntrigueJames Shannon15-Mar-2016

Results of 2016 Nationals and preliminary details of 2017 NationalsKeith Merkley24-Feb-2016

Sails and system setupMax Perrins4-Feb-2016
      Re: helpJames Shannon7-Feb-2016
      Re: helpMax P8-Feb-2016
      Re: Sails and system setupBrent Craig16-Feb-2016
      Re: Sails and system setupPeter10-Mar-2016

Victorian Trailerable Titles 27 and 28 at Wiiliamstown.wayne hill2-Feb-2016

Gunnel CoamingMatt17-Jan-2016
      Re: Gunnel Coaminggreg18-Jan-2016

surf 2 citypaul15-Jan-2016
      Re: surf 2 citypaul16-Jan-2016

Reefing set up on RL28Phil & Cindy10-Jan-2016
      Re: Reefing set up on RL28Rob Legg16-Jan-2016
      Re: Reefing set up on RL28Phil20-Jan-2016
      Re: Reefing set up on RL28greg20-Jan-2016
      Re: Reefing set up on RL28Phil30-Jan-2016

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