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RL24 Nationals

The Nationals are held annually around New Year. There are several divisions to suit all boats and sailors.

See a video of RL24s racing in the 2015 Nationals in Brisbane.

And some excellent videos of RL24s from Darryn Dyer

RL24 Nationals Day 4 2019

A Video of RL24 Presentation Night 2019

Kevin Troy's video of a race at the 2014 Nationals at RMYC Toronto, NSW

2024 - 51st Nationals Rob Legg Invitation Series Results

Rob Legg Invitation Series

The overall places for the Rob Legg Invitation Series, and the places and times in each of the 3 races for the Rob Legg Invitation series can be accessed by clicking each of the files below:

Overall Place

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

51st National Championships


The 51st RL24 National Championships will be conducted at Port of Yamba Yacht Club, Yamba NSW in January 2024.


Please find below:



51st Nationals Notice of Race





51st Nationals Entry Form



Need something special for the Nationals?

CLICK the link:  51st Nationals Merchandise below



2022-2023 Season

SOUTHPORT YACHT CLUB - Hollywell Squadron



Boat Name


SK Championship


Darryn Dyer

DK Championship

Ohau Rua

Simon Walsh

Overall Handicap

Steel Away

Paul Harris

Coolibah Trophy

Ohau Rua

The Sting

Cosmic Sedso

Simon Walsh

Lloyd Graham

Paul Corben

Rob Legg Invitation Trophy


Damien Van Deudekom

Oldest Skipper Flag

Ruby Jay

Bill Asher

Bruce Castles Participation Trophy


Tim Jackman

Toad of Barmera Trophy

Dodgy Vindaloo

Tim Jackman



The AGM for the RL24 Owners Association of Australia Inc. will be held on:

Tuesday 10th January 2023

At 6.00 PM in Southport Yacht Club -  Hollywell Club Room


The Agenda:



Minutes from last AGM

Matters arising from the Minutes


President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Election on Officer Bearers for 2023-2024

Business arising from submitted Motions

General Business

Announcement of Jan 2024 51st Nationals Venue and dates

Meeting Close

Initial information about the 50th Nationals dates and venue.

Basic steps for entering

2023 RL24  National Championships 50th Anniversary run by Southport Yacht Club  at Hollywell, Gold Coast  Qld

January 8-13 2023

Go to https://southportyachtclub.com.au

Under ‘On Water’  There’s ‘Up Coming Events’   and a link to 2023 RL National Championships.

Main link for the complete batch of info is    -   https://southportyachtclub.com.au/events/2023-rl-national-championships-50th-anniversery/

Make sure you drop down the menu to use the following links.

NOR is    -       https://southportyachtclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/NOR-2023-RL24-50th-National-Championships-FINAL-6.pdf

Entry  Link provides:  Entrants, Race entry, Updating your entry, Race results  -  
Select 2023 RL National Championships 50th Anniversary
You may need to get registered with TopYacht. A search to sort if you are and then to register if needed is easy enough.

You don’t need all your insurance info, crew details or safety declaration to enter.

Just go to the pay entry button
Its easy enough to update the entry later.


2021 Nationals - Cancelled

The 48th National Championships that were due to be hosted by the Colac Yacht Club in early January 2021 have been cancelled due to unresolvable issues.  

Full details are here

47th National Results

The results from the 47th Nationals sailed at Illawarra Yacht Club in Wollongong, New South Wales in January 2020 are listed in the 4 files below. Additionally a short descriptive report on the 47th Nationals is included (47th Nationals Results.pdf).

The Bruce Castles Trophy for contributions to the Association was presented to Martin O'Shannessy

Additionally, the Toad of Barmera Trophy was awarded to Gundaroo 11 sailed by Doug Dyce, Vince Zweers, Phil Lowe and Peter Liddle.

userfiles/File/RL24 47th Nationals Rob Legg Final Results.pdf

userfiles/File/RL24 47th Nationals Final Results Jan 2020.pdf

userfiles/File/RL24 47th Nationals Handicap FINAL RESULTS.pdf

userfiles/File/RL24 47th Nationals Coolibah Trophy.pdf

userfiles/File/47th Nationals Results.pdf


47th National Championships


47th National Championships


You're Invited



Come and join your fellow RL24 sailors for the

Rob Legg Invitation Series (Sunday 5th Jan 2020)




The 47th National Championships

(Monday 6th – Thursday 9th January 2020)


The NOTICE OF RACE is attached.

Venue: Illawarra Yacht Club, Wollongong, NSW.

Contact: Colin Boylan 0427 273084


View: NoR 2020 National RL24 Championship (1).pdf

Rob Legg Invitation Series



All RL24 owners are invited to participate in the Robb Legg Invitation Series to celebrate his contribution to RL sailing.


The Robb Legg Invitation Series is a New Initiative of the RL24 Association and will become a regular part of our sailing calendar each year.


Please see the attached file for details.


RL24s racing on Nationals Day Jan 2019 and Presentation Night at 2019 RL24 Nationals


View: RL 24 National Championships Winners and Venues (1).pdf

2018-2019 Membership Invoice

Now is the time to renew your membership with the RL24 Association.

Your support is appreciated and will held to contin ue holding Nationals and State Championships.

View: MEMBERSHIP INVOICE 2018-2019.pdf

45th National Results 2018 - Heats 1 and 2

Race 1 Results 8 Jan 2018

Race 2 Results 8 Jan 2018

Race 3 Results 9 Jan 2018

Race 4 Results 9 Jan 2018

Race 5 Results 10 Jan 2018

Race 6 Results 10 Jan 2018

Race 7 Results 11 Jan 2018

Handicap Series Points as at 10th Jan (not including Race 7)

Overall Championship Results

Additional National Results incl. Handicap and trophy winners


45th National Results - Invitation Races 7 Jan 18

Below are the results of both the Swing Keel and Drop Keel Divisions for the Invitation Races.

Invitation Race 1 Results

Invitation Race 2 Results

Invitation Race 3 Results

Invitation Series Results

2017 National Titles completed at Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club.

Pretty close to a perfect National Titles! 14 boats, some excellent social times and great weather.

There are some great photos at www.lafoto.com.au follow the links Sail> RL24 Nationals

Results can be found at  the Gippsland Lake Yacht Club site http://www.sailres.com/view.php?s=604

Wayne Hill
President, RL24 Owners Association

RL24 National Championships 2016 Results

View: RL24 National Championship Results 2016.pdf

Results from the 2015 RL24 Nationals - At RQYS

View: RL results 2015.pdf

Article in MySailing.com.au

Lisa Ratcliff has written an article on the RL24 Nationals for MySailing.com.au.  Click here to read the article.

Results from the 2014 RL24 Nationals - Last Years event

View: RL24 41st National Championships 2014 Results.pdf

Video of the Nationals

2013 Nationals - Swing Keel Results

View: Swing Keel.pdf

2013 Nationals - Drop Keel Division

View: Drop Keel.pdf

2013 Nationals - Handicap Results

View: Handicap.pdf

2013 Nationals - Yardstick Results

View: Yardstick.pdf