RL24, RL28, and RL34 Trailable Yachts
from Rob Legg Yachts

Tips and Modifications

Balancing an RL28 - Rob Legg

Tuning your RL for Best Performance - Darryn Dyer

Adding extra Ballast to an RL28 - John Brooker

Some tips for an RL28 - Steve Leicester

Modifications to an RL34 - Jonathan Bogais

Modifications to the motor cabling on an RL28 - Phil Gardam

Mounting a Depth Sounder Transducer In Hull - Keith Merkley

Safer Mast Raising and Lowering for RLs - Phil Gardam

Mast Raising and Lowering on an RL24 - Lynton Bradford

More on Mast Raising and Lowering - Includes a spreadsheet of forces - Phillip Hawes

A Home Built Furler for RLs - Jay Quinn

Keel Winch and Lockdown for RL24s - Bill Post

No Fear Mast Stepping (PDF File) - From Good Old Boat Magazine - Recommended by Terry Stannus

Mast Raising System and bow roller for an RL28 - Kingsley & Kay White

Kick-up Rudder for an RL28 - Kingsley & Kay White

RL28 Trailer modifications - Kingsley & Kay White

Boat Bag for an RL28 in a Marina Pen - Keith Merkley

Stainless Steel Bow Roller for an RL28 - Phil Gardam

Modified Bow Roller, Modified Rudder and Lazy Jacks for an RL28 - Steve Illa

Motor Mount for and RL28 to allow full tilting - Peter Johannsen

Extensive modifications to an RL24 - Bulb on keel, fixed dodger and raised cockpit floor - Alan Owen

Removing the Keel from an RL24 - Ross Corben

Fitting a holding tank to an RL28 - Keith Merkley

Have you ever set a reef?- Rob Legg

RL28 Keel Maintenance- Rob Legg

An RL24 restoration project- Alan Dahl

RL24 outboard raising system- Alan Dahl

RL24 Outboard Well Lockers- Alan Dahl

A new Bow Fitting for an RL24 - Elizabeth McCloy

A single handed method for raising the mast - Bob Smith

A Rig Brace for RL24s - Wayne Hill

Drawings of Status hull to assist with trailer design - John Gray

Here is a collection of modification and cruising videos for RL28 owners - Mark Dedman

This video by Mark shows how to build a lifting hardstand for an RL28 - Mark Dedman

A Battery Lifter for RL28s - Phil Gardam

Make a Replacement Front Hatch for an RL24 - Daveinet

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