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North America RL24s

Welcome to the North American RL24 page.


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Ernie MacQuarrie,

Bellingham, Washington,  USA 

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If your RL was built in the U.S. keep a watch on this page for news and events in your region.

Please send Ernie a greeting message and let him know about your RL24.


Our North American RL 24's (NA RL24's) are a rare breed!

RL Yachts America was started in 1980 and went bankrupt in 1983. There appear to be about 120 remaining NA RL24's (compared with about 500 Australian RL 24's).

For those of us with other small sailboat experience, the difference in quality between most other mass produced trailer sailors and the NA RL 24 is quickly apparent. In everthing from the keel winch (a massive casting) to it's weather handling abilities our NA RL 24's are clearly made for some serious sailing.

When initially produced in 1980, the NA RL 24 was very similar to its Austrailian cousin. Both were the two window version with a deep well at the bow. In 1982 many modifications were made to the RL24 to better suit it to its North American customers.

As this North American tab on the website is further developed, the specific differences will be explained, as well as many examples of North American boats will be presented.

Stay tuned! 

Ernie (Co-owner of Kula)


North American RL 24 Brochure

This is a link to the brochure for the 3 window version of our NA RL 24s - take a look!

View: RL24brochure_compressed.pdf

Detailed description of 3 window version

Below is a link to a detailed description to the updates unique to the 3 window version.  In addition is a list of the standard features and an original price list. - very interesting!

View: RL 24 description and price list.pdf

Owner's stories

Below are a series of North American RL24 Owner's boat descriptions, modifications, photos, etc.

Take a look at Donald Wilson's very clean example of the two window version of the North American RL24

(Click on the link immediately below for a detailed description)

View: Response Donald Wilson.pdf

Here is Jeff Kennedy's three window version "Chance Encounter". Read Jeff's description immediately below.  Jeff is having trouble with his standing rigging (forestay too short, back stays too long) - Any suggestions?

View: response Jeff Kennedy.pdf

Ron Tate's "Telesis" is an interesting boat.  Ron has solved the "keel slap" issue (where the keel bangs from side to side on some points of sail) by cutting into the centerboard trunk and fitting rubber rollers - clever!

View: Response Ron Tate.pdf

You have to check out Al Mckegg's heavily modified two window version RL 24' "Mucho Bondo" (great name!)

View: Response Al McKegg.pdf

Take a look at Nick Cartwrights 3 window version "Serenity" below. Like a lot of RL 24's, Serenity suffers from aging electrical issues.

View: Response Nick Cartwright.pdf

Take a look at Sterling Wall's "Kookaburra" (link immediately below)

View: response Sterling Wall.pdf

Click here to see the Register of RL24s built in the US.