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The RL28 Story

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After many years of messing about in boats
Rob has a plethora of funny stories relating to boating.

2 Jan 1929 – 12 Feb 2019

It is with much sadness that the RL24 Owners Association advises that Rob Legg passed away on Tuesday 12th February 2019.

The RL24 Owners Association offer their sympathy and condolences to his family at this sad time.

Rob Legg will be remembered for his innovative Trailable Yacht designs, his passion for sailing and his contribution to Australian sailing.

A list of all the types of boats that Rob built over a lifetime of boat building

Article from Australian Sailing July 1983 on the RL24 by Bob Ross.

Article from Australian Sailing October 2010 on the resotoration the RL24, Sly Fox
Many thanks to Australian Sailing for permission to include these articles. Visit www.mysailing.com.au.
Article from Australian Sea Spray February 1977 on the 1977 RL24 Nationals.
Gales and calms didn't stop the true champions

Some early photos from Scott Sutherland of the first RL28 after a successful race sent by June Legg to Scott's father Bill Sunderland who worked for the resin manufacturer supplying RL Yachts.