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A Battery Lifter for an RL28 - Phil Gardam.

Any one with an RL28 knows the pain, literally, of lifting the batteries from under the quarter berth with minimal space above preventing any sort of proper lifting.
Phil Gardam has come up with an easy lift solution to raise the battery and slide it out. "I built it from a few old bolts and nuts, some rod, bar and flat steel and a bit of spectra and it seems to do the trick.

"Many will say 'Oh just suck it up and lift them! It can't be that hard!'. But for those of us who have sweated and banged fingers in the cramped (38cm top to bottom) dark, space, lifting out and sliding two heavy batteries, and then lowering them back - just to check the water levels! - I say, 'Sure - come and do it for me the next time I'm at Manly!'.

I have finally taken a day to create a device to save me doing the difficult vertical lift or lowering for the two batteries in Jezabel. The issue is not the weight of the batteries but rather the awkwardness of lying prone and lifting the batteries in a space with just 38cm clearance. Other RL28 owners who have sweated and groaned below the cockpit may be interested."