RL24, RL28, and RL34 Trailable Yachts
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Cooking in an RL24 - Christine Hinchliffe


    Maintaining a kitchen in such a small space takes patience.  Everyday items need to be on hand without having to continually move things.  First we removed both port and starboard bunks. We didn't need them any way and the thought of 4 people sleeping on an RL24 is more than I can imagine. The port side of the yacht has the fridge and sink.  Everying thing else relating to the kitchen is on the starboard side.  Everyday items - condiments and sauces etc must be readily available. 

    Our power and fridge setup is working out far better than we thought it would.  We purchased a SuperKool Fridge/Freezer 47 which is 12volts or can run on 240v and it is extremely efficient. With our deep cycle batteries and solar we never lack for a cold beer.  


    Cooking in a RL24 started out as a challenge, but I feel I have successfully mastered it.  

    From the cook's point of view the essential things when boating or camping is to have thng set up so you can stop and have a coffee break or meal without spending most of the time unpacking things. All the everyday condiments and sauces are readily at hand in special shelving which we made ourselves, with the rest of the food in a roller bin on one of the single bunks. The crockery is in a specially made cupboard that holds all we need.   

    The other important item is keeping the food hot, there is no point in putting in the effort if the end result is luke warm food. I also hated having to rush into eating.  Solution:  I purchased 3 Asian claypots - similar to casserole dishes except they are unglazed on the outside and can be used on the open gas flame. I made covers for each - square of wadding, enclosed in cotton material with velcro sewn at the corners.  You heat the claypot with a small amount of water until the water is boiling. Empty out the water and wrap the claypot in a cover.  As you finish cooking a dish eg rice, stew etc, transfer it to the claypot and reseal the cover.  The dish will keep hot for at least 45mins and warm for a lot longer. Depending on the dish, I let it finish cooking wrapped in the claypot. 

    The layout of the 'galley' means you can straddle the seat on the keel housing and swing between the sink (has a chopping board as a cover), table and stove.  Extremely good for the hip joints!! 

An interior view of the cabin showing the galley and table attached to the mast. The table is actually the companionway cover fitted to attach to the top of the keel housing.
View of galley showing additional water, roller box for food, crockery cupboard, stove and shelving. Additional shelving for condiments and sauces are behind and to the right of the stove.
The secret of keeping food warm. Asian claypots and quilted warmers.