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sewerage system rl28
just read article on holding tank.. had fitted sani loo from my previous boat into the boat and it fits nicely under the seat which backs onto the shower.. there is enough room for the supply from the head and the outlet to return to use existing cocks and the tank treats the sewerage to cat c and has a holding capacity in addition. the system meets the regulations
ken fraser14-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
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Re: sewerage system rl28
I used to use the old brown bottle (not sure what it was called) stuff in my holding tank. I remember it said it contained Formaldehyde and it was available at most shops that stock that gear. When I needed to buy a new bottle recently i could not find it anywhere. Perhaps it has been either banned or discontinued.

The liquid you speak of Keith, would it contain anything that could cause deterioration to holding tank bladder material?

Our holding tank has a slight odor, but only if you lift up the cover for the storage bin it is housed in. You can not smell it in the saloon. Still, if I can eliminate that slight odor it would be better.

Garry Beattie14-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28

Do you have a carbon filter on the breather for the holding tank? That can be a source of smells.

Actizyme is in pelletted form. It breaks up into granules when put in toilet water. For a septic system, it requires a tablespoon every couple of weeks but considerably less for a holding tank I would think. It would be best to leave it in the toilet bowl for a while so it breaks up completely and then is not likely to block or damage the pump.
By the way, for anyone with a septic system, Actizyme also breaks down the grease in the grease trap and it then requires much less cleaning out - one of my least favourite jobs.
Keith Merkley15-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28

I think the name on the brown bottle mentioned by Gary is 'Aqua-Kem' and it is sold in all caravan and camping shops. This formaldehyde product has worked well in our portable porta potti unit which I use in our campervan and boat. I also put a touch of this solution in the top flushing water tank to reduce any odours from the pan area when not in use.

I believe this product which is manufactured by Hayman-Reese is also recommended for use in holding tank type units.
Alastair16-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28
Keith: I am really not sure. I know I have a breather that vents out near the bathroom window (sorry, that should be the Head porthole!!) but I am not sure if it has a filter on it or not. Where would I look? Perhaps now would be a good time to go and have a look at your tech tip regarding installing a holding tank?

Alistair: I think that may have been the stuff, I just can't remember the name. You used to be able to buy it everywhere, but it seems to have just vanished up here. I have tried camping stores and everything, who I knew stocked it before. Has it changed packaging perhaps? I know the brown bottle did not look all that appealing from a marketing point of view so perhaps they changed the bottles??

Garry Beattie16-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28

I have been checking up on Aqua Kem. TriMas has the Australian distribution rights for Thetford Portable Freshwater toilets (porta-potti). Thetford in turn imports the toilet chemical Aqua Kem from the USA and now sells it here in a white bottle and not in a brown bottle (I wonder why?).

The info that I have attached below gives an email address for Thetford and I was thinking you could maybe ask them who stocks Aqua Kem near you.

A Thetford Porta-Potti comes in handy

If you've ever taken a toilet for granted - imagine being left without one! When you own a Thetford Porta-Potti portable toilet, you'll never need to worry again.

If you have the world's leading fresh water portable toilet you can let nature take its course almost anywhere.

Even if you're in the middle of nowhere or floating across the deep blue sea. New Premium

Thetford has just released new sanitation fluids for your Thetford Porta Potti.

Click Here for details on the new Aqua Kem Premium and Aqua Rinse Premium.

Thetford makes it easy

Thetford Porta-Potti's are easy to carry portable toilets that are completely self-contained.

They are sanitary, odourless, leak proof and contain their own fresh water supply for flushing Thetford toilets have a top section which includes the seat, cover, bowl, flushing bellows and a fresh water storage tank; and has a lower section which has an odour-tight, gas tank detachable waste holding tank. The two sections are held together by a locking hatch that allows the unit to be hand carried separately.

Thetford Australasia
a division of TriMas Corporation Pty Ltd A.B.N. 60 004 546 543
20-50 Waterview Close, Dandenong South, Victoria, 3175 Australia
PO Box 4050, Dandenong South, Victoria, 3164 Australia
Telephone +61 3 9797 3222 Fax +61 3 9797 3299
E-mail: info@thetford.com.au

Alastair16-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28
I have fitted an electric flushing toilet [TMC} and holding tank to Rings-n-things.
The holding tank is now fitted alongside of the engine [diesel inboard] as we found that the flexible holding tank does allow odour to permeate through the material and to put it bluntly it made the boat stink.
The system allows us to pump out to sea or into the holding tank.
I have connected the toilet flushing water inlet and hand basin drain to the one skin fitting which by closing the skin fitting valve enables us to fill the sink with water and then flush the toilet while the boat is on the trailer.
This has proved to be most useful when staying in truck stops or caravan parks on interstate trips.
A bilge pump fitted to the holding tank is used to dump the waste at sea when a pump out station is not available.
Kingsley & Kay White
kingsley white20-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28
This sani-loo solutions interests me, not so much for the treatment but for the suggested location under the settee. The holding tank in Swan is wrapped around the bowl. It is probably a very novel and cost effective design but falls down in the athletics department. Whilst I dont know if I would want to give up all that much storage under the settee I guess that is an obvious place, For those interested it looks like the price is $1,787 for the Sani-loo bit that does the treatment. That excludes fitting, macerator and holding tank.

Russell Rogers26-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28
I will take some photos of the installation of the sani loo.. it does not need a breather pipe and is self contained.. the chlorine dosing tank does need topping up from time to time and it requires a macterating head .. operates off 12 volt and requires a simple switch and manufacturers supplied registration number to comply.. it used the existing cocks and was a simple matter or rerouting pipes as there is room between the cubicle tray/wall and the hull/centerboard
ken28-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: sewerage system rl28
Kingsley: The idea of putting the holding tank bladder in the engine bay sounds appealing to me. Running the piping all the way to the back of the boat doesn't!

Do you have the mid-mounted engine bay ot the rear engine bay?

How did you go runing the plumbing?

The other idea that has been suggested to me is that we replace the "Bladder" with a solid stainless or fibreglass holding tank. These are supposed to trap the odours much better.

As I mentioned before, the odor from ours is not real bad, and only noticeable (to me) if the boat has been locked up for a while.

Still, No smell is much more appealing to me than a slight smell!!


Garry Beattie1-Nov-2008    Edit    Delete 

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