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The National CBH System
I have just read a Yachting Australia Policy Document published in July 2008 for Trailable Yachts and Sports boats. The document is 25 pages long and covers a lot of ground. It is good to see that Yachting Australia is now going to develop and operate a national CBH handicapping system covering all types of trailable yachts, sportsboats and open trailable yachts (Status 19).

It is called the ‘Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule and so far I am impressed with the effort and detail that YA has put into this document. I think it would, if given the chance, fix up quite a few of the problems of the past with the various State systems and also introduce a fairer and safer form of competition in TY mixed racing.

I have pasted a couple of sections from the document below. You can read the full document in the Trailable Yacht and Sportsboat Association of NSW and ACT website under the heading 2008 ATY&SB rule.

It will be very interesting to see how this new national CBH system fares when it goes up against the new sportsboat measurement system (SMS)recently introduced by YV. I myself at this stage think that a good measurement system (formulae) where the boats are weighed is the way to go.



1.01 The objective of the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule (ATYSBR), hereinafter called “the Rule”, is to provide a national system for even and fair racing on handicap in a mixed fleet of trailable yachts and/or sports boats, resulting in racing success being primarily determined by the skills of the crew.
1.02 The Rule will also provide a basis for the conduct of national and state-level championship for trailable yachts and sports boats, as well as for club and other events.

3.01 This Rule shall be known as the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sports Boat Rule (ATYSBR), otherwise referred to in this document as the ”Rule”.
3.02 This Rule shall come into effect on 1 July 2008.
3.03 The Custodian of this Rule shall be Yachting Australia (YA).
3.04 The Rule shall be used in conjunction with the Racing Rules of Sailing and the rules of individual class associations. In the event of a conflict, interpretation of these rules is the responsibility of the Custodian to ensure the intention of fair and even racing is upheld.
3.05 It is not the purpose of this Rule to restrict any individual yacht class from development within their own class rules.
3.06 This Rule is intended to support each Member Yachting Association (MYA) in its work to promote trailable yacht and sports boat racing activities within their own state or territory and at the national level.
3.07 In this Rule the word `shall` is mandatory and the word `may` permissive.
3.08 YA and its subordinate bodies shall not be held liable for any accident or injury occurring in a race organised under the ATYSBR.

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