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Waterline on RL24
Does anyone have or know where I can find a diagram of an RL24 with measurements for the waterline. (under standard loads I would presume). I intend to keep my boat afloat and it has never been antifouled before.

There must be a more exact science that floating it and getting a pencil??

Any tips would be great,

Tim Smith28-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 
Re: Waterline on RL24
Depending on your model of RL 24 and if your boat will be sailing on fresh water or seawater (boats float higher in seawater), mark the bows and stern when your boat is floating at its full displacement ( all the camping gear, crew, fuel and water and stores on board).

Buy 30 foot of cheap small bore clear plastic tubing from Clark Rubber or an auto parts shop (say 5 mm dia bore). Level the boat to your fore and aft floating marks when on the trailer by using your plastic tubing filled with water. You may have to jack up the trailer fore and aft and athwartships to get the boat level to your floating marks. Then using your plastic tubing (still with the water inside), mark the floating level all the way along the hull on both sides. Then use a flexible straight edge ( Flexible piece of wood or plastic strip) and pencil in your waterline. Just too be sure, check your freeboard measurements are the same on both sides before using the masking tape. What do think? Nothing spoils the look of a boat as much as a wavy waterline!

Alastair29-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 

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