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Bilge Pump RL24
Does anyone have a bilge pump fitted in their RL24. Where is it located. Where does the outlet go?

Any words of wisdom.

Mike Skinner11-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bilge Pump RL24
Yes Mike, I have recently fitted bilge pump in my RL,after looking around i found the only place to fit it was under the cockpit area directly behind where the inner floor mouldingfinishes. Although this is not the lowest position internally it is out of the way of the main cabin area. I directed the outlet to the rear of this area, up and around the starboard quarterberth,through the bulkhead into the "locker" area, through the next bulkhead and then into the outboardwell area .This alleviated putting another in the hull.and are still deciding if the line should have a "Non Return' valve fitted as the actual bilgepump is lower than the outlet even allowing that the outlet is or should be above the water level
Alan12-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 

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