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Tophat Yachts
Interesting to read that Rob was involved with the early Tophats. I've admired them (never actually seen one in the flesh) for their seaworthiness and the fact that at least one has circumnavigated. I imagine they sail quite differently to the RL24 with their full length keel and weight.

If it didn't cost so much to get one to Darwin, I'd be keen to get one for coastal cruising down to the kimberleys and over the top end. The shoal draft is good for up here with our huge tides.

They are reasonable priced but seem to vary in condition. Lots for sail. Anyone keen to crew one to Darwin with me!

Anyone owned or sailed on one?

Mike Skinner11-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: Tophat Yachts
Top Hats are a seaworthy and safe little keel boat, but, take care if you are looking for a timber boat, as a few were effected by rot in the heel where fresh water can collect at the very aft end of the timber keel,
Rob.11-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 
Tophat Yachts website
The new site for the Top Hat is http://www.tophatyachts.org/

They have included Rob's involvement with the type in 'The Yachts' section.
Tom Hinton25-Feb-2009    Edit    Delete 

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