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Safety Reminder
From YA SR Part 1 section 5 -------- Personal Flotation Devices

Rule 5.01.4 ------ For all safety categories ------- Each PFD shall have (i) marine grade retroflective tape and (ii) a whistle attached.

From Yachting NSW’s Web site:


YA Special Regulation 5.03.1 requires each member of the crew to carry or wear personal lights when participating in races at categories 1 to 3 or 5 when on deck at night.

Owners and crew should be aware when considering purchasing personal lights that any light is not acceptable. The light must comply with the YA regulations.

To be acceptable on audit the unit produced must be either a strobe light or one complying with SOLAS LSA 2.2.3. Compliance with other SOLAS LSA paragraph numbers is not acceptable.

The International Convention for the Safety of life at Sea sets out a Code for Life Saving Appliance in paragraph 2.2.3 for lights on lifejackets. The YA regulation shortens this reference to ‘SOLAS LSA 2.2.3’. Although YA only requires the light to be worn or carried, not necessarily attached to a PFD, the light must meet the SOLAS specified requirements.

A strobe light is a light which emits cyclical pulses of light. A flashing light is a light which switches on and off and is on for a short duration and off for a duration longer than it is on. A flashing light is not acceptable unless it also complies with SOLAS LSA 2.2.3.

To be SOLAS compliant the light shall have a luminous intensity of 0.75 candelas, have that intensity for a duration of 8 hours, be visible over the greatest segment of the light as possible and emit a white light. If the light is also a flashing light it shall also have a manual switch and have a flashing rhythm of not less than 50 nor more than 70 flashes per minute. ( Source LSA Code paragraph and

An Auditor can assist an Owner to check that a light is a strobe by activation.

To verify compliance with SOLAS LSA 2.2.3, the Owner should check and an Auditor will verify that the light,

1. Is branded/ marked as SOLAS compliant to the relevant clause, or
2. If not so branded, the specifications of the light as require by LSA 2.2.3 are branded/marked on the light, or
3. The Owner/crew produces a specification sheet/manufacturer’s letter confirming the model of the item is SOLAS LSA 2.2.3 compliant.

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