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I know it sounds silly, but does any one in Brisbane have an RL24 trailer that doesn't have an RL sitting on it the moment? I was on the way to Manly this morning when the job I said I must get 'round to, got 'round to me. The trailer broke, I have a guy lined up to build a new one but not for a little while.The boat is safely back home but it looks like if I am stilling going to Straddie it will be by THe Big Red Cat!
Martyn21-Dec-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: trailers
Wellllll... I am feeling bit sad for you! Where abouts are you from Martyn? Trying to think how this is possible? We will be putting our RL in the water tomorrow so we can head to Morton - we are planning at launching probably from Bribie early tomorrow morning so it will probably not be on the trailer again till I think 27th. Give us a call if you like


Kelly 0404 088 890
Kelly22-Dec-2009    Edit    Delete 
Re: trailers
Thanks Kelly, had a brain wave overnight and got up a 6 this morning. Result, now all fixed Thanks for your thoughts Merry Christmas, mine now will be if we dont get swamped with the tail end of the cyclone.
Regards Martyn
martyn22-Dec-2009    Edit    Delete 

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