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Additions to the Tips and Modifications section
Alan Dahl has some useful and well detailed modifications to his RL24. Further to his outboard raising system, he has devised an adjustable tiller that clears the outboard when raised. The details are added to the outboard raising system tip page.

He has also built lockers in the outboard well giving ideal places to store ropes and anchors as well as the fuel tanks. He has detailed photos of the modification.

Both of these systems will be of interest to the RL24 cruisers.
Keith Merkley3-Mar-2010    Edit    Delete 
Re: Additions to the Tips and Modifications section
Thank you Alan, and Keith for posting. I have been wanting to ask RL24 owners how they had set up their outboard wells since I got my boat last year. I know some close in the well and make it into one big locker, but I like the original OB well concept. Alan' is the best I have seen and am keen to copy it. Has anyone else got other ideas for the outboard well that they feel works well?
Alan, I gather you fabricated the well as a one piece insert to form the locker inboard walls. Have you a plan/drawings, or tips you could add to aid construction? It looks perfect.
rkerr4-Mar-2010    Edit    Delete 

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