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History of RL28 Argo
Can anybody help me with the history of .RL28 Argo, as I have brought it over from the NT to Queensland and need to register it. I only have the previous owners name and the fact that it was in Darwin at the Darwin Sailing Club competing and being recreationally sailed for some years.
Craig Coleman3-Apr-2011    Edit    Delete 
Re: History of RL28 Argo
Hi Craig. I believe I spoke to you over the phone when I was in Darwin a bit over a year ago. I'm pretty certain Argo was originally owned by Arch and Geoff Olney who were like an extra set of grandparents to my generation of the RL family here in Victoria. They sadly passed away within a short period of one another shortly before I spoke to you. Prior to Argo they had owned two RL24s, Scud I and Scud II. Hopefully with that starter, Rob Legg might be able to help further as I think she was sold by them in Queensland and I believe Rob stayed in touch.
James Shannon4-Apr-2011    Edit    Delete 

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