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Navigation using a Laptop
I've just purchased an RL28.
Im looking at hooking my Laptop (macbook) up to a USB GPS module and run some sort of Chart Plotter program. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what program and USB GPS I will need.
I will only be doing trips to Rottenest Ils and up the coast of West Aus... (when i'm confident)
Very Novice sailor here. First Yacht.
Christian10-Sep-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Navigation using a Laptop
You will get answers at this site and some support regarding using the software packages. Its a more general sailing site and less about RL yachts. You will need to join the group which takes about a day for their checks to make sure you are not malicious.

Greg 11-Sep-2013    Edit    Delete 
ZefSheefs arlyd
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LothLotaKendtal10-Nov-2020    Edit    Delete 
Re: Navigation using a Laptop
Echo everything said above, particularly visibility in bright sunlight. The watermap app in an exceptionally good fallback for iPhone or iPad, but is ever rely on it entirely. Whilst on the subject of apps etc the Pocket Grib weather app in sensational, beats the BOM in my opinion.
Ian Davison7-Oct-2013    Edit    Delete 
Re: Navigation using a Laptop
If you use an Android tablet and Navionics software (make sure you buy a tablet wirh GPS, as some don't) - a 10 inch tablet is good. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is cheap (superseded) and one trick is to pus some sticky velcro 'hook' strips on the back. This stuff sticks like glue to that blue or grey marine carpet you get from BCF and similar places.
You can mount the carpet where you want the tablet. I use the bottom half of my 2 piece companionway washboard. And simply remove it whenever you want.

With a tablet you can do some screen shots of favourite anchorages in google earth and save them. Use the task switcher to swap between the chart view and the screen shot to see where any reefs etc 'really' are.
rossdv829-Oct-2013    Edit    Delete 

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