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Dynex Dux Rigging on an RL28
I am just about to replace mt standing rigging and have opted to replace the wire on the cap, lower and back stays with Dynex Dux. Has anyone else gone down that path? I hear good things and some not so good and some plain ignorant. Cost was my main reason and the fact I can do the rigging myself by splicing the line and using thimbles. I have then ordered some hamma regatta open turnbuckles with toggles on each end. The 5mm dynex dux is rated at 4.8tons and the turnbuckle for 5tons. I will have to make sure my mast fittings are up to the task. The forestay will remain wire as I have a reefurl roller furler that can only be used with wire at this stage.

happy sailing
Alister20-Jan-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Dynex Dux Rigging on an RL28
Hi Alister.
How did you go with the dynex? I have recently purchased an RL28 and when need be I will probably use dynex for my standing rigging. As I have 2 boats to do, for the price of new turnbuckles, a few new mast tangs and a 100m roll of 5mm dynex I can't see how I could do it any cheaper.
Cheers Robin.
Robin25-Jul-2014    Edit    Delete 

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