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RL28 Keel Bolt removal
if you have removed the keel bolt from your RL28 and have some photos or diagrams of the area/process I would love to see them. I am planning on removing mine and as my keel bolt nuts are glassed over I just want some idea of how it all looks before I start cutting away the fibreglass. Even if you haven't taken the keel out but could get me some photos of the keel bolt nuts on your boat that would be great.
alister.waller at gmail dot com
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Re: RL28 Keel Bolt removal
I cut away all the fibreglass covering the keel bolt and found underneath that a very poor job of sealing the bolts with fibreglass has peeled away. It also looked like rubber washers or seals had hardened and failed causing a leak. I have undone the bolt and measured the diameter (1 inch or 2.5cm), it still looks good. I have a piece of rod one inch in diameter that I will use to replace the bolt while I clean it up and get some new washers. I also need to seal it all somehow and make the area accessible rather than hiding it all under fibreglass. Fingers crossed after this I will have a dry bilge :)

photo: dodgy previous repair.
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