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RL 28 hydraulic leak
Hi, has anyone repaired leaking hydraulic where the on off lever is? If it is a seal that needs to be replaced, how do you bleed the system? I haven't started dismantling yet, just want to hear if there are any clues or hints on this first.
Peter Corser2-Apr-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 28 hydraulic leak
I can't help directly but on my boat when i purchased it there is a sticker on the hydraulics from when they were serviced so you could get someone to just service yours. Not sure of cost etc or who would do it where you are. Might be easier than making a rather messy mistake.
Alister9-May-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 28 hydraulic leak
I had mine serviced a while ago by a local hydraulics chap, to tried to contact the people on the sticker but got no response. My pump unit has started to leak again in the same place. There is an o ring that seals the switch, not very difficult to replace but getting the right size is critical. I think they are all imperial sizes. Draining the unit is pretty simple, just unbolt the union to the pipe and catch the fluid in a pot of about 1 litre capacity. Then drain the remaining fluid from the bottom filler nut. Take the pump to a Hydraulics shop to get the seals seen to. As for putting it back in, re connect the hydraulic line, ensure the bottom plug is in and secure ( bit of PTFE tape helps here) and fill using the top plug hole till it over flows with the keel up. Drop the keel, and pump it back up, then top up the unit again. Drop the keel another couple of times to purge the system ( the valve on the ram will vent any air) check your oil levels once again and you are done. Fit the top plug with some PTFE tape. Don't top it up with the keel down or you will over fill it and the result will be a lot of oil on the ram. On the subject of oil, some prefer automatic transmission fluid (ATF), it works well but its pretty aggressive and corrosive stuff, I stand to be corrected but good quality hydraulic oil works fine and won't eat holes in your boat if it leaks!
Ian. 5-Jun-2014    Edit    Delete 

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