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Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
Who is planning to attend the RL24 National Championships?
The 42nd RL24 National Championship will be held at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in January. Heres the preliminary schedule:

Sunday 4th Jan 2015 3 short invitation races
Mon 5th 2 races back to back
Tues 6th 2 races back to back
Wednesday lay day (families will be keen to head to the Coast)
Thursday 8th 2 races back to back
Friday 9th 1 race with possibility of another if needed
More information to be on the website and Facebook Shortly.
Come on Qlders not far to travel for this one, should be able to assemble a fleet like the Bay to Bay for some great class racing. WHO'S IN?
Darryn12-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
OK so far the Boats I know will be there. Swing Keels: Whatever Vic, Spiral Navigator Vic, Slyfox QLD. Drop Keels: Ohau Rua Vic, Spud Gun NSW, Lowana VI Vic, Cosmicsedso Vic, F Troup QLD, Dodgy Vindaloo QLD, Lowana V ?. Lets see if we can build on these numbers. Great chance for 10 races over 6 days to build on your class racing experience. These Championships are great fun no mater where you are in the fleet. Many crews sailing with boats that have been in the family for 3 generation's. Come and enjoy the rivalry of class racing and join in our family fun, either way we have a ball.
Darryn12-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
For those that haven't had much to do with the RL24 National Championships before, we race all divisions together.ie.
RL24 Drop Keel division
RL24 Swing Keel division
RL24 Cruising Division.
The Cruising division is for those who wish to sail without a spinnaker and still have all their cruising gear on-board. Usually these people camp on their boat at the championships.
Camping is available at RQYS and can be arrange through the club itself. Three boats are required to form the Cruising division.
This is a family event for most of the fleet and many have been attending for over 30 years. Socializing is a major part of this event. For People wishing to improve the speed of their RL, this is the perfect forum to ask the people who have been a part of the development of these boats for many years. Everyone is more than happy to help new comers as much as possible to improve their speed and technique.
Darryn13-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
Count me in...my boat is set up for cruising but will race in the swing keel division if there is not enough cruisers. I am interested in changing to a skiff rig in the future,so would like to talk to other skippers about their rigs at the nationals. Regards Rod RL 447 "Summerdream"
Rod Smith16-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
Are there any S.E.Q. "24 owners that would be willing to lend/rent their "24 so I can join in the regatta? Traded mine for a"28, only really interested in the "cruising" Class
Cheers Martyn
martyn16-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
Great to hear from you Rod & Martyn. Rod look forward to meeting you at RQ in Jan and hopefully you too Martyn, hope you can find a 24 to sail, I'm sure you will enjoy the atmosphere the nationals provide.
So who else is coming? If you cant make it maybe you can help Martyn out with the use of a boat.
Darryn Dyer17-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
Come on guys how about some of (all) the B2B fleet, this is a chance to sail a regatta for a whole week rather than just a couple of days with other RLs
Andrew18-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
I'd be keen to beg/borrow/steal (maybe even charter?) an RL24 for the nationals too. I'm in Brisbane so if any locals can help out then please get in touch.

Neil Finlayson23-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
To those people who are interested in chartering a boat for the nationals in Jan, perhaps try contacting some of the people who have boats "For Sale" in the "Buy and Sell" section of this website, maybe worth a try.
Darryn29-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Come To The RL24 Nationals 2015
We are planning a R(L)oad-trip to the Titles at Brisbane. At this stage it looks like some time on Sydney Harbour to see the new years eve fireworks, doing the titles, then a bit of cruising between Morton Bay and the Gold coast and possibly a Port Stephens/Myall Lakes to break the return journey. Too much fun!
Wayne Hill2-Nov-2014    Edit    Delete 

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