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Setting up RL24
Hello Everyone,

I have a 1981 RL24. Me and my dad just purchased it last week. It became very apparent that the setup is much more complex than the sunfish we have. I have searched for a few hours for instructional videos and searched for diagrams on how to setup the rigging. All I can find is information that skips the "simple" steps. For example the one for setting up a mast, as soon as it was locked in place it was over, didn't show anything for the standing rigging. The one for setting up sails showed them attaching sails with ropes that were already setup and in place.

What I am asking for is if anyone has a video or very complete step by step diagram that if a person who didn't know anything about sailboats could set it up. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
Sterling21-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Setting up RL24
I dont quite know where to start to help you without knowing more.
Is your mast already rigged with stays and halyards?
What sails do you have?
Have you ever sailed a boat with a headsail?
In what district do you live as there may be someone handy who would be willing to help you.

Rob Legg23-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 
Re: Setting up RL24
The mast we were able to step. The issue we had was a lot of the ropes had come out of the mast so we were not entirely sure of what slots they went in or what pulleys they went over/under.

We have not used a boat with a head sail before. We were actually able to have a friend come out and showed us how the running rigging was supposed to be setup. Had to use some fishing line and weights to get the lines down their internal mast slots.

Was able to take it out this weekend and check everything. Never did end up using the jib.

Thank you for your response, I apologize for not adding more clear information in the original post. As far as where I live, I am actually in the U.S. in Wisconsin.
Sterling26-Oct-2014    Edit    Delete 

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