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Who's going, anyone camping on their boat?
Not much being said about it??

Matt28-Nov-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nationals
Your right Matt, not much being said, bit of a shame for keeping any new comers informed. Sorry, I will attempt to step it up. I spoke to Paul about 3 weeks ago and we counted 14 boats that have said they will be coming to Paynesville. In the past most have stayed in accommodation with only a few choosing to camp on their boats.
Lets get some boat names on this list to show who will be there.
Boats that I have heard are going to be at the Nationals are:
Whatever, Ohau Rua, Cosmicsedso, Lowana V, Lowana VI, Spud Gun, Dodgy Vindaloo, Casper, This Way Up, Screemin Blue Murder, Liquid Limo, Spiral Navigator, That's all I can think of at this stage, please feel free to add any others that you hear of. Looking forward to NYE in Paynesville they have 2 fireworks for NYE one early for the kids and then again at midnight.
Darryn7-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nationals
Miss Tress is a 95% chance for the cruising division.
Hugh7-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nationals
That's great Hugh, looking forward to catching up.
Darryn7-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nationals
Unfortunately I was notified today that Spud Gun will not be able to make it this year. Wishing Luke Lisa and family a safe and happy Christmas and catch up sometime in the new year. Good luck with your other sailing ventures.
Also I believe that lovely red boat, Warragul will be there, haven't seen her for a few years James.
Darryn8-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nationals
Poor Warrigal. Polished so hard we're down to undercoat! Hopefully Warrigal will be there to watch and to do the fun stuff at the start, but I couldn't obtain a trade from Lowana VI to allow her to compete. Skippers can be so self entitled these days.

I'm starting to think her next paint job might be a colour reversal.
James8-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nationals
All good, been a long time since I've done a Nationals, thought there may be some friendly banter haha, anyway pretty much done now, floated it for the first time Sunday just so I could say I've had it in the water, even if it was 2 minutes.May even get a sail in on Sunday if all goes to plan.
Matt12-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: Nationals
Looks like I won't have time to apply the lipstick on Miss Tress. You could always run Warrigal in the cruising division James.
Hugh12-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 

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