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Should I change my keel to drop keel
I have US built RL 24 with a large leak at the keel bolt after the cable snapped when retracting keel. I will be dropping the keel in next 2 months to repair. I have considered several options. 1) drop refinish and replace keel as original. 2) drop keel refinish and build a bracket to hold the keel bolt that would attach above waterline 3) change the current keel to a dagger board/drop keel 4) fabricate an entirely new keel out of wood and epoxy and lead ( no class rules here to worry about.

What would the experts recommend? I have repaired keel bolt on san juan 21 before so understand the process. I hate having hole in the hull below the waterline. When I repaired my san juan 21 the bolt would sometimes still leak a little.

Rick Bernardi
Knoxville, TN
Bernardi 2-Feb-2018    Edit    Delete 

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