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US built RL24 keel winch cable replace
Hello RL Owners and fans. I am looking for information on how to install a new MkIII keel lifting cable on the winch spool. In the photo, I show the 1/8 cable passing through the only hole in the spool. Is there a way to wrap the cable on the spool without using a crimped on cable fitting to keep the cable from slipping off the spool? Can anyone post a picture of their setup? Thanks fir your help!
Jeff Kennedy5-Nov-2019    Edit    Delete 
Re: US built RL24 keel winch cable replace
Hi Jeff, I have an Advance Brake Winch on my RL. The Wire comes off the centre winding spool and exits to one side of the winch drum where it is attached. I will take a photo of the setup and send to you in the next couple of days.
Colin Boylan
Colin Boylan15-Jan-2020    Edit    Delete 

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