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Heavy weather sailing in an RL24 - drop the jib or the main first?
I recently spent a wonderful 9 days cruising the Gippsland Lakes with the Baysiders
We had some really strong winds, including being locked into Paynesville for 3 days
My RL24 is a Mark 1, and is pretty easily overpowered, with plenty of sail area and only 100kg in the centreboard
Also, I was single-handing, with my wife not there as movable ballast
Although I reefed the main, it was not enough to sail comfortably
If I'm going to drop a sail, is it best to drop the main or jib first?
Does it also depend on whether I'm running, reaching or pointing?
I could just try one and then the other, but would be grateful for any pointers first
simonp12-Dec-2020    Edit    Delete 
Re: Heavy weather sailing in an RL24 - drop the jib or the main first?
If reefing is not enough I would drop the main completely if going downwind, or the jib if going upwind, though it won't point well. If reaching, use the reefed main only and ease it out too much if still difficult to hold. Another upwind option using both sails is to ease the main a bit and point just too high. The boat feels more stable but it is tiring keeping the boat pointing too high but not allowing the sails to flog, especially if there are big waves deflecting the bow.
Keith Merkley14-Dec-2020    Edit    Delete 

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