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Type of Spinnaker Sheet for RL24
Hi guys,

Whats the recommended sheet type and thicknesses for a symmetrical RL 24 spinnaker?
Irlan Joney17-May-2021    Edit    Delete 
Re: Type of Spinnaker Sheet for RL24
What's the average wind you sail in? Are you racing or cruising? On other 24' boats as I'm also a new RL24 sailor, I would suggest 8mm if you are in 20 knots plus regularly and 6mm if you are in 10 to 20 knots. It's a very small spinnaker by today's standards. You can go 4mm in drifters and up to 10 knots. It just depends on how much whinging you can stand from the crew. These days all sheet sizes are strong enough to take the load. Usually the core is polyester for sheets. Easier on the hands.
I'm sure one of the resident experts can chime in at some stage.
Peter Warde25-May-2021    Edit    Delete 

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