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Pictures of the first RL24 Nationals held in 1974.
Pictures of the RL24 2005-6 Nationals.
Pictures of the RL24 2008-9 Nationals.
Pictures of the 2008 Bay to Bay.
Pictures of the 2010 Bay to Bay from Paul Harris.
Pictures of the 2010 Bay to Bay from Julie Geldard.
Pictures from 2010 Wintersun.
Pictures of the RL24 2011-2 Nationals.
Pictures of the RL24 2013-4 Nationals.

The following galleries have been collected by Rob Legg from many sources. Some already appear in other galleries here while many have not been seen before.

Rob's Archive Pictures of RL24s
Rob's Archive Pictures of RL28s
Rob's Archive Pictures of RL34s
Rob's Archive Pictures of Status
Rob's Archive Pictures of Beyond 2000

A collection of old photos of Rob's early days with boats and sailing

A collection of Rob Legg's favourite photographs (1.3MB PDF)

Rob's Tribute-A Special Sail-Past to Rob Legg on the occasion of his 90th birthday at the start of the 2018/9 National Championships

Rob's Tribute-The RL24's rafting up and Rob being greeted by admiring owners

Pictures from the First RL24 Nationals held at Southport Yacht Club in 1974

We held a cruise up in to Moreton Bay before the racing started, and there were quite a few young children onboard.
The first night stop was at "The bedroom" near "Jumpinpin". If I remember correctly there were twelve boats took part in the cruise, including two owners who had never sailed before, and twenty two boats entered the racing.


Prerace cruise. First night at the Bedroom

More boats at the Bedroom, Jumpinpin

The first race

Long distance race - Southern Cross Leads

Rob Legg with Helen Castles, Ashley Mcdonald, & Peter and Jenni Legg