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How much do you use your RL?

Rob has calculated approximately how many "boat years" the 24s have been around for, and at 17,157 years, and supposing the average yearly usage is only 100Km, that would amount to 1,715,700 Km covered, or 2 times to the moon and back.

Some boats fitted with engine hour meters or logs may have a total engine hours, or miles travelled. If so, please let us know in the comments.

The days per month can be less than one. For example if you only use the boat once every two months in winter, enter 0.5. So how much do you use your RL?

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Boat NameBoat Model Owned boat for (years)Summer usage (days / month)Winter usage (days / month)Yearly Average Distance covered (n.miles)Comment
INMARL24550250Time not always a good indicator 2 years ago I spent 10 weeks with yacht up and down east coast. Last year was no use. this year will be at least 6 weeks. I average aprox 4 weeks per year
Don Quixote RL283years.25025 if thatIt is quite sad, dad health is not too good and I am busy with work, the pooor boat is just sitting in the shed. I hope to make use of it in the future, perhaps when work slows down. It will need some TLC before being put back in the water just because it has been sitting so long. Can not bear to sell it as it is set up so well for crusing and do waht to get back into it.
ApacheRL2418yrs84300Race every Wed of year and every 2nd Fri in summer. At least 2 campaigns somewhere per year e.g. inside Fraser or Moreton Bay
Just for KixRL24341600
Ruby JayRL246 months4-54-5Still trying to get the boat competitively configured. Mast is non standard and sail wardrobe poor. Will be using her more when we can finish races in max time allowed
Sandpiper RL283 years621000We use this boat mainly for cruising. I rarely race it. When we do cruise we often cruise across to, and up and down, the west coast of Fraser Island. We will often go for 1 or 2 weeks at a time and love every minute of it. It takes between 10 and 12 hours to sail from Elliott Heads to Wathumba Creek and the RL28 is the first boat I have ever owned where I am not itching to get off it, and onto land, once we arrive.
LiaisonRL242104We use this boat for club racing only - with the Melbourne Trailable Yacht Club.
Red Baron IIRL2425Not enoughA tough question Keith. I am yet to meet a boat owner who sails as much as they would like. My RL24 is under utilised, but a key reason for buying it so many years ago was so that I could tow it to many and varied destinations. How about a survey for how many states, major waterways/boating areas? The RL24 remains the best combination of on-water performance, cruising comfort, trailer ease and price I have found.
Peer GyntRL2425WeeklyNil?Home port is Wagga Wagga (inland freshwater lake). Due to drought conditions over past seven years, use has been very restricted. Hope to have some rain soon so I can resume weekly racing. Season normally excludes winter months.
Charlie BrownRL24184lotsGreat for Wednesday and Friday social sailing at NYRC (with Apache) Now committed to the Bay to Bay and probably Wintersun
BanditRL24Six Years80Take the boat to Lake Eildon Gippsland Lakes and Blairgowrie Port Phillip bay Just like being on the water
SashaRL24620100No cruising anymore - just racing
INMA updatedRL245 50>300 (2008)Updated data Dec 2008
Kestrel RL2813-41-230-50Time poor and sailing ambitious.
Treasure Is;andRL2430 yearsNilNilNilMy RL was damaged in 2003 and I lost all interest. Kids let it roll down the street at 0345 one Sat. Have just commenced to repair not much damage. I'm sailing master on Antara, ships Master on Sydney harbour, part time teacher TAFE, Volunteer at ANMM and Sydney Heritage Fleet so have lots of yachts to play with. Still need to enjoy our RL but interest is low!! Sorry MS
Freyja RL282052300Yacht is in Paynesville, (Gippsland Lakes, Vic) and I live in Melb. Normal routine is to have 4-5 days on board every few weeks.
tHERESE RL281883We sail the gippsland lakes and at times other places
Pinnaroo RL281yr8-156-8200 n.mlsUse the boat every chance I get. Boat is based in Portland Vic.Cruise Gippsland Lakes for 5-6 weeks at Christmas.Solo mostly.
Elanora RL2813103600 (minimum)We regularly race Elanora in both around the cans and destination races of the Lower Lakes and River Murray around Goolwa.
Norseman Q RL34.5104300-400Spending time and money to bring the Norseman Q back to her former glory. She is a beautiful yacht to sail around Moreton Bay and the Bay Islands.
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